Your Objectives - Your Plan - Your Results!

Current State:  Where Are You Today?

This is the step where all the questions get asked - the Current State Analysis.  Who are you in the marketplace and what is your unique value?  Who are your ideal target customers and why do they buy from you instead of someone else?  How is your product / service different than competitive offerings?  Does your messaging truly reflect your value and uniqueness and your customers' requirements?  What are your short, medium and longer term objectives and priorities?

The answers to these questions will be the foundation on which together we build the Marketing Plan to achieve your specific revenue and business growth Desired State.

Desired State:  How Do You Get Where You Want To Go?

Based on the Current State Analysis we identify any critical gaps and inhibitors in your current positioning, tools and processes that will prevent you from achieving your objectives. We define what is needed to close the gaps and build the working plan - the map - to drive the Desired State and the results that you need. 

Gaps are likely based on a combination of mulitple issues - markets being targeted, customer / prospect profiling, messaging, internal resources, marketing infrastructure, programs etc.  Together we sort out and prioritize the gaps and create the working plan with all the elements needed to cost-effectively address the issues and drive your revenue.


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