Strategic Contact Management / CRM

What can a strategically configured CRM do for you?

  • Profile your clients, prospects and other stakeholders to help you more effectively communicate with them, support them and promote your services to them, leveraging key profile (persona) data such as demographics, preferences, priorities, activity history, memberships / subscriptions etc.
  • Ensure relevancy of communications by using profile data to segment contacts into logical groups (specific requirements, geography, line of business, account status etc.) to with them
  • Ensure fast accurate customer service by recording and tracking transaction history - service queries, key communications, eCommerce transactions
  • Reduce operating and administrative costs by automating critical business processes - renewals, upcoming event / service appointment reminders, event registrations, special promotions, announcements
  • Drive highly targeted lead and revenue generation programs, with CRM-driven dynamic personalized messaging and personalized links ("pURLs" ) to campaign landing pages

Total CRM configuration flexibility

  • Create any profile data field that you need, specific to your business requirements and how you need to communicate / transact with your contacts
  • Create any "dropdown" values that you need for each profile data field
  • Quickly update data fields (add, delete, modify) - simple CRM record maintenance
  • Easily update your CRM database - add new account records individually as needed or upload batches from Excel files
  • Assign individual User Names / Passwords to each contact to manage access to specific web pages, promotional offers, online resources, downloadable documentation etc., through secure login
  • Generate personalized highly targeted communications and marketing campaigns, dynamically pulling contact profile segmentation data form the CRM

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