Marketing Program Management: Align Channels With Customer Profiles

Email, Social Media, Print Media, Direct Mail - What Works Best?

Different technologies, different people, different budgets - how do you decide which one is right for you?

Actually, the correct question is what is right for your target audience?

Think of the advantages of creating and managing all your marketing programs with a single integrated online platform and administrative interface, driven by a single contact database and multi-channel communications engine - and have a single reporting structure to measure the results!!

Do it yourself, with GYC's guidance on program strategy, setup and execution

  • Pinpoint targeting:  accurate profiling and market segmentation in the CRM, specific relevant messaging to optimize response rates
  • Marketing channel integration: integrated email, SEO, social media, direct mail, print media - all with dedicated campaign landing pages and trackable campaign URLs
  • Automated campaigns: program scheduling, campaign landing pages, specific defined responses, calls-to-action, automated response notifications and acknowledgements
  • Automated analytics: track responses and campaign effectiveness through automated Analytics and campaign response reporting
  • Automated CRM record activity update: all campaign activity and response data is automatically transferred back to the CRM records, for informed customer communications and future campaign fine-tuning

Or, engage us to do it all for you if you don't have the resources to do it yourself

  • We will be your staff, planning and executing your programs for you
  • Email, SEO, social media, campaign landing page, micro-site and printed mailer design and development services
  • CRM configuration specific to your audience and program requirements
  • Personalization data element definition for the campaigns
  • Print media ad planning and management
  • Printed mailer procurement and physical maildrop management with Canada Post reporting


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