You Need To Launch a Gazillion Business Growth and Marketing Projects

......... but your internal staff resources are already stretched

.............. just delivering your own customer services!

If you don't have the time or internal staff for everything, which initiatives get shelved? Where do you focus your limited resources - your core business activities like direct customer interaction and product / service development, or support initiatives like building and supporting communications and administrative infrastructure?

How have successful growing organizations dealt with the challenge?

PROFIT Magazine polled the CEOs of Canada's fastest growing companies to see how they succeed in today's economy:

  • 47% are growing as fast as - or faster than - before; the slowdown has helped refocus their operations & strategy to better serve their customers
  • 32% say the downturn has helped them reduce costs



PROFIT also asked the CEO’s of Canada’s hottest start-up companies how they have driven growth.

Their suggestions included:

“There’s always a better, more efficient way to do things. Always search for that.”

Hire outside experts. Having them has let me sleep at night."

“Focus on business execution."



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