An Integrated Marketing Program Strategy Specific To Your Requirements...

............. deliver higher program response rates,

................... drive new revenue and streamline internal processes,

,,,,,,,,,,,,,........... all without new internal staff or IT investment!


integratedmarketingimage3jpgMarketing channels are becoming blurred and intertwined ... customers no longer necessarily respond to traditional media ... the cost of generating and nurturing sales leads using traditional techniques is skyrocketing ... and it's getting more and more difficult to keep up with the latest Marketing tools, technologies and trends..

According to InfoTrends' "Multi-Channel Communications Measurement & Benchmarking" survey of over 200 senior Marketers, multi-channel (email, PURL, web and print) campaigns generated an average 8.8% response rate, vs. the traditional +/- 0.5% - 1% rates for print only campaigns.

But have you added them to your own Marketing plan and implemented themmarketingprogramimage2jpg yourself to drive new customer acquisition and improve customer communications? .

If traditional Marketing strategies no longer generate the revenue growth results you need or if you simply don't have the internal resources to deliver new programs, what are the alternatives?

Print...email...pURLs...web...social media - what's the best mix for your specific Marketing requirements? Who plans and sweats the details of setting up and executing your programs?.

marketingstrategy1jpgEnter GYC Group ... your partner in planning and executing complex integrated Marketing initiatives, on an outsourced fee-for-services basis:

  • Program strategy development to supports your specific business objectives
  • Email, PURL (Personalized URLs with interactive campaign web pages) and social media programs, including integration with targeted print / direct mail
  • Management of your website, web content, campaign messaging and eCommerce storefront content

With the integrated rave7 Marketing platform to develop and execute your programs, there is no software for you to acquire or support:

  • Integrated print, email, pURL (personalized URL, or campaign web page) and social media programs
  • Email, PURL landing page, micro-site and printed mailer design and development services
  • CRM record format setup specific to your campaign requirements, import your files into the CRM database
  • Develop the variable data elements for the emails, PURL landing pages and printed mailers
  • Generate the PURL addresses, map them into the emails and mailer print files, and link them to the PURL landing pages
  • Generate email campaigns and let the automated pURL response email notifications do the work for you
  • Procure / produce the printed mailers, fine-tune your CRM, physical maildrop and Canada Post reporting
  • Track responses and campaign effectiveness through the automated Analytics engine and response reporting portal
  • Ensure that the response data has been automatically transferred back to the CRM records, for informed customer communications and future campaign fine-tuning
  • Alternatively you can execute and manage your campaigns yourself through your own licensed subscription to our hosted SaaS rave7 Marketing platform

With GYC Group and rave7 the choice is yours!

Whether we play a support role to your current Marketing staff or we become your outsourcedProgram Management Marketing resource with full responsibility for development and execution of your programs, our commitment is to create the best integrated strategy for your specific business needs, and execute it to drive the results you require.


GYC Group's mix of strategic and tactical execution experience in developing and implementing successful Revenue Generation and Marketing Communications strategies and solutions can help you:

  • Enhance your Marketing capabilities and reach, without investing in new technology or salaries
  • Leverage the power of the web and your customer data to drive powerful response-oriented personalized customer communications
  • Automate your Marketing processes, measurement and reporting
  • More effectively leverage the time and skills of your internal Marketing resources - improve the return on your Marketing investment!

Developing and executing an innovative Marketing strategy ... your GYC team has Got You Covered!


............Ask us how it can work for you..