Marketing Project Results Are Only As Good As ...

.......... The Quality Of The Project Management and Execution!

Skilled project and program management can make the difference between an average and a great Marketing / Sales program, product launch or process automation project ... and who can afford average in a market that demands better than average?
Good technical project managers can fortunately be sourced quite readily, but how about good project managers who have actually walked in your shoes and lived first-hand with your marketing and sales challenges ... who have actually owned the corporate marketing / sales budgets, managed the marketing and sales people and objectives?

GYC Group, the "walked in your shoes" Project Managers, for:
  • New products: opportunity evaluation, analysis, development, launch
  • Alignment of Marketing / Sales strategy and structure with evolving client and market requirements
  • Integrated Marketing programs: development, launch and execution (print, web, email, PURL, social media, newsletters, blogs)
  • Stakeholder Communications: strategy development, requirements definition and program management for both internal and external stakeholders - clients, online communities, business partners, vendors and investors
  • Marketing and Sales Process Automation to improve marketing and sales efficiency and capacity: requirements analysis, platform evaluation, negotiation and launch
  • Contact Relationship Management (CRM) to enable improved contact profiling, highly targeted communications, sales opportunity generation and enhanced service level performance: requirements definition, platform selection, data development and service launch
  • Print and marketing collateral: sourcing, procurement, optimization, online management
Leverage a proven Project Management team with senior Marketing expertise:
  • Standardized templated methodology adapted from the Project Management Institute PMBOK
  • Project charter: business requirements and objectives, current and desired state, project mandate, budget, timeline, sponsor acceptance
  • Project action plan / detailed timeline: milestones, dependencies, "go-kill" evaluation points
  • Project meeting management, reporting and follow-ups
  • Issues and Actions logs with follow-up management
  • Change management: change request form and log
  • Project documentation management, version control and publishing
Whether we play a support role to your current Marketing staff or we become your contract Marketing project management resource with full responsibility for the program, our commitment is to deliver the targeted results, on time and within the budget commitment ...
.........your GYC team has Got You Covered! .......Ask us how.